The Clinical Study Diversity Score Project (CSDS) consists of a group of diversity leaders working to develop the foundations and methology for calculating study diversity scores. To join the group, contact Norman M. Goldfarb, CSDS executive director, at
Implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling for Clinical Research
In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court recently banned affirmative action in higher education admissions, sending shockwaves across the nation, even as far as clinical research. The Court may expand this ruling in its next term with cases that apply directly to the clinical research enterprise. To view an article in ACT Magazine that discusses these issues, click here.
12 Questions we need to answer to achieve diversity in clinical research
We can minimize duplicative efforts and accelerate learning through collaboration. The best place to start this collaboration is to develop consensus answers to 12 fundamental questions. To start with, how do we define "diversity"? To view an article in ACT Magazine that discusses these questions, click here.
What does diversity in a clinical trial actually mean? 
A recent article in ACT Magazine includes a spreadsheet you can use to define, prioritize, calculate and communicate a quantitative diversity score for your clinical study. Now we can know exactly what diversity means. To view the article, "Calculating Diversity in Clinical Research Studies," click here.

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